• Full Details- (Starting $139.95 -$250***) Includes hand wash, hand wax, scratch removal or buffing if needed, headlight restoration (free when mentioning this web-site $80 value) full interior including shampoo carpets, vacuum, complete leather cleaning and conditioning, or upholstery care for cloth-seats, all door jams, crevices and trunk jams cleared and waxed. Windows cleaned with rain guard. Tires cleaned and shined. (See Trade-In /Lease/ and Private Sale Info under other services) (generally our average price quotes are $139.95-$175 and we do it all we will never up-sell you. The quote you recieve on the phone is the price you pay!) ***We are a full service detailing company, we generally do not do just washes unless it is part of a maintanence plan after initial full detail. Our minimum price to go on location is $75. 

  • We have priced our competitors: You will easily pay $250-$500 in extras such as upholstery cleaning, leather care etc. We have included that already and will NEVER charge you extra. Our low full details already include, steam cleaning, upholstery and leather care, headlights etc.

  • Motorcycles- (Starting $150-$250*** The Higher Pricing Is For Stripping Chrome That Is Rusting OR Damaged Including Spoke Wheels-The Starting Price Is For Smaller Bikes Full Sized Bikes With A Lot Of Chrome Slightly Higher) Remove all removable parts- hand wash, air-dried with forced air compressor. clean engine, wax all painted surfaces, clean and polish chrome/ aluminum. We consider our selves Harley experts. motorcycles detailed correctly is a very involved process. With all this our prices are half that of dealership prices and twice the results. 

  • Boats (Washing$10 per foot ***Waxing $20 per foot *** Wet Sanding and Buffing "Starting" $30 Per foot)
  • RV's (Washing $10 per foot ***Polishing "Starting" $20 per foot ) 

Other services Include- Starting prices are for ala carte or could be extra when added to a full detail quote, though many of these are already included in a Full Detail Quote:
  • Clay Bar (Starting $50)
  • Clear Bra Removal (Call for estimate)
  • Water Spot Removal on Windows Or Chrome ($30-$50 Extra)
  • Over-spray/ Paint removal (Starting $90)
  • Scratch-removal
  • Wet-sanding/ Buffing Starting ($90)
  • Sealants (dealership grade)
  • Engine Cleaning
  • Headlight Restoration ($80 Ala Carte However is included in Full Detail)
  • Odor removal (Starting $50) 
  • Shampoo/ Scotch Guard (starting $99.95)
  • Semi-Wheel Polishing Starting ($50 per wheel)
  • Fleet Services
  • Car Dealerships
  • Custom and Antique Vehicles
  • Trade-Ins ( have your vehicle cleaned before turning in to avoid extra fees)
  • Private sale/ Dealership trade in ( If your vehicle is in less that mint condition we can get you $500-2k more out of your sale/ trade in
Call or Text Eric or Patti @904-838-2108 
 E-mail's Are Also Delivered Directly To Our Smart Phone For A Fast Friendly Free Quote Today!
***For the most efficient quote please include the make, model, and year or the vehicle, as well as, the over all condition, i.e. poor, fair, good or excellent and indicate if there are extended concerns such as stains, scratches, swirl marks, etc....

Thank You for Visiting American Detailing Jax :) We hope to service your vehicle and surpass all your detailing expectations.

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